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For years we have been developing and improving our guestbook software. Therefore we 're able to serve you with the best possible and fully customizable guestbook service.

Almost every feature listed below can be activated or deactivated by the administrator.

Guestbook Format Examples:
Guestbook Version 1
Version 1

Guestbook Version 2
Version 2

Guestbook Screenshots:
Sign Guestbook
Sign Guestbook
Guestbook Admin Area
Guestbook Skin Examples:
Guestbook Skin pinkflower
Skin pinkflower

Guestbook Skin greenlines
Skin greenlines

New Features (02/2013):
Integration of Facebook, Twitter and Google PlusNew!
Unlimited custom fieldsNew!

Guestbook Features:

It's absolutely free - for business and private use.

No Popups, no flash banners.

You can completely remove advertising from your guestbook by upgrading to a premium account.

No Scripting or HTML knowledge needed, anybody can use it with no instructions.

It works with any webspace - you don't need expansive webspace and no script support like PHP, CGI and others.

Unlimited Messages. No Limitations about the size of your guestbook and messages.

Youtube Video Embedding.

Quick message box.

Private Messages - these messages can be only read by guestbook owner.

Guestbook Design can be easily and individually adapted to your homepage. Additional, you can use many "ready to use" skins and color sets..

Full CSS support.

RSS Feeds available.

A Homepage rating system allows your guests to tell you what they really think of your web site by giving it a “not sufficient“ to “excellent“ rating.

Allow visitors to post their own images.

ICQ, AIM, YIM, MSN, Jabber online / offline status visible.

Hundreds of Emoticons / Smilies and Popup-Smilies to help your visitors "jazz" up the entries they leave in your book.

Emoticons / Smilies: Automatic recognising.

Automatic break.

Guestmap - different maps, guests sorted, administration menu.

Silly Statistics (top names, locations, smilies,...).

Comments on entries. You can reply to entries left in your books. The reply will show up under the original message.

E-mail Notification of new messages - select if you wish to be notified via email when a new entry is added to your book.

Detailled search on messages

Detailled help system

Administration Area:
Easy setup through a simple web interface. There are no complicated configuration files to edit.
Comfortable Administration Menu.
More than 30 preinstalled skins available.
Detailed skin system - settings, colours, main templates, skin templates, smilie control panel.
You can easily modify the colors or graphics in your guestbook. All functions and options can be configured in seconds with the mouse clicks.
Fully customizable guestbooks for each user.
With a customizable header area you have the ability to use a logo image from your web site. You can also customize the text, table and link colors as well as adding your background image so your guests will never know they left your site.
Maximum number of characters for message.
Sort and search options everywhere.
Add, edit, archive or delete Guestbook entries with ease.
All fields can be required.
Bad Word Filter - you can edit your own Bad Word Filter and Word Limitations.
Self-learning Spam- and Flooding blocker.
Editable Spam Dictionary.
UBBC Control Center - create your own UBBC Codes.
Detailed Statistics including visitors IP adress, number of entries and total number of views for your book.
Moderation Mode is available.
Change your e-mail and password.
Delete your guestbook.
Security Features:
Session IDs, Cookies.
Optional image („CAPTCHA“) verification.
Guard System: advanced proxy, browser, IP, e-mail, referer and scripting blocker. You may ban guestbook visitors by referer site, IP or e-mail.
Bannlists, badwordslist.
Advanced multilevel spam filter - spam words list, email options and more.
IP time Block.
Javascript check on fields.
For Advanced Users and Professionals:
Unlimited own fields - different field types and output.
Remove advertising from your guestbook by upgrading to a premium account.
Skin import/export/new skin.
Own templates (CMS like).
... and more features!
Your precious data is stored in a blazingly fast and secure database. This means your Guestbook entries will be safe, secure and served up fast.
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