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Examples is a free guestbook service started on January 2003. It enables webmasters to put an advanced guestbook on their webpage, without knowing any coding - simply cut and paste some HTML code! It is possible to customize the look of your guestbook to every style you like. Thousends of webmasters use the great service of!

Step one: Choose between more than 30 different themes, with colors, backgrounds, different buttons.
Step two: Our guestbook allows complete customization of the colors, headers, footers, background, etc. Adapt your guestbook to the page design, your imagination is the limit!

Click the textlinks below to view some examples:

Take a look at the homepage of the "Get Focus Promotion Team" in New York City to see how to adapt our guestbook to the design of a professionally styled website:
Guestbook for an englisch rugby team:
Guestbook of a great Smilie download archive:
Guestbook of a cross-cultural school project:


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